Francisco Saw Hair Regrowth in Only 2-Months!*

“People are really impressed with my hair regrowth.  They can’t believe it’s only been 2-months, and it’s already changed a lot.  I’m still keeping a level head.  I’m not going to let it fully sink in until I’m done, but I’m getting really good results.


It is 60 days in, and my hair is looking really good.  Even before I got the pictures taken, I noticed less hair falling out when I shower, so that’s really good.

I’m seeing hair that I’ve been missing for, four or five years. It’s encouraging when you see such quick results. Everybody loves quick results, but, some people need more time. I’ve just been one of the lucky ones.” -Francisco Montano

*Francisco used Scalp Med for 6 months as part of a consumer study, received product at no charge and was compensated for time/expenses. Individual results may vary. No thickening agents were used in after photos.

Frank Mercuri Says, “Scalp Med Will Change the Future for Many People”

“After three months I’ve seen a lot of progress.  I see a lot less light bounce off my dome. There’s more hair there.  I also do the shampoo to stimulate it, and I’m pleasantly surprised and looking forward to the next three months to see if it just keeps going.  I’m already telling people about it.  I think it’s going well, and I feel real positive about the next steps.” -Frank Mercuri

“At first, I wasn’t into it, because it felt like a little slick, but, actually, I’m coming back around to using it because it feels like it’s fortifying and making my hair healthy. It looks like you guys have something really going on with this product.  And if this in fact really turns out to be the direction it’s going, this is going to change the future for a lot of people.” -Frank Mercuri

Xavier Mendoza is Ecstatic With His Results

“Yes, after one month in this treatment of ScalpMed, it’s been going amazing.  I’m ecstatic about the results, and my girl, she likes it.  I’m getting stares again.” -Xavier Mendoza

“I had this kind of like partition here in the top portion of my head. That was a major concern. Because I didn’t intentionally part my hair there. It was just somehow I was losing hair there and it started a part on its own. So, look at the area now. It’s just filled in. It’s just crazy.” -Xavier Mendoza

“It’s like carpet man.  It’s like wool.  A couple of guys at the job were like teasing me, because now they know the product, they were saying “carpet head.”  I’d rather be called that though.” -Xavier Mendoza

Kelly McCracken is Ecstatic About His Scalp Med Results!

“When I have really long hair, it’s very curly, and lots of women envy me for that, because they’ll spend on a fortune on trying to get their hair curly, when it happened to me naturally. So, yeah, I don’t want to lose my hair. It is my one vanity piece. That is my vain. I’d admit it.  I want to keep my hair and I’ll do whatever it takes.” -Kelly McCracken

“There’s no downside.  I mean nothing’s painful.  I mean, it’s just there.  In fact, I like the way it makes my hair look when I do it.  I think it’s kind of very smooth, like Fabio or something.” -Kelly McCracken

“I’m ecstatic!  I just saw the results.  You guys just ran me through the photos, and the mirror and everything, and obviously, ScalpMed is a big success.  I’ve got three times the hair I had back there, so I’m thrilled.” -Kelly McCracken

Marc Mahoney Can See His Hair Growing

“Nobody in my family has ever had thinning hair, that I’ve known, and so, I’m kind of the first one that I’ve noticed, and it’s upsetting to me, to be honest with you.” -Marc Mahoney

“I didn’t expect too much after 30 days, to be honest with you. I was like, you know, even if this product does what it says, it’s gonna take time. But, to see results that quickly is great so I’m excited.” -Marc Mohoney

“I am seeing the hair physically grow in.  My wife is seeing the hair physically grown in.  I mean, that is a given.  I mean, what the product says it does, it does.” -Marc Mahoney

David Frison’s Hair Base is Getting Thicker

“I think in a month, if what Shane says is right, that thicker hair on the base will grow a little longer, and in a month, it’ll be half-an-inch longer, I have a feeling, you watch, that it’ll be thicker.” -David Frison

“I’m still a little skeptical because of the fact that my hair’s long, and I think the length is covering, so we don’t see it.  But, yeah, when we comb it apart, I look, and I feel like I’m starting to see something that is growing in a little more.” -David Frison

“In the very beginning, I was 100% optimistic, and then I was, I guess I became skeptical.  And now I’m going back from the skeptical slowly towards the optimistic.  Or like,  alright, I’m starting to smell it, let’s keep going.” -David Frison