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Francisco Saw Hair Regrowth in Only 2-Months!*

“People are really impressed with my hair regrowth.  They can’t believe it’s only been 2-months, and it’s already changed a lot.  I’m still keeping a level head.  I’m not going to let it fully sink in until I’m done, but I’m getting really good results.


It is 60 days in, and my hair is looking really good.  Even before I got the pictures taken, I noticed less hair falling out when I shower, so that’s really good.

I’m seeing hair that I’ve been missing for, four or five years. It’s encouraging when you see such quick results. Everybody loves quick results, but, some people need more time. I’ve just been one of the lucky ones.” -Francisco Montano

*Francisco used Scalp Med for 6 months as part of a consumer study, received product at no charge and was compensated for time/expenses. Individual results may vary. No thickening agents were used in after photos.

Frank Mercuri Says, “Scalp Med Will Change the Future for Many People”

“After three months I’ve seen a lot of progress.  I see a lot less light bounce off my dome. There’s more hair there.  I also do the shampoo to stimulate it, and I’m pleasantly surprised and looking forward to the next three months to see if it just keeps going.  I’m already telling people about it.  I think it’s going well, and I feel real positive about the next steps.” -Frank Mercuri

“At first, I wasn’t into it, because it felt like a little slick, but, actually, I’m coming back around to using it because it feels like it’s fortifying and making my hair healthy. It looks like you guys have something really going on with this product.  And if this in fact really turns out to be the direction it’s going, this is going to change the future for a lot of people.” -Frank Mercuri

Chuck Edger’s Son Notices His Thickening Hair

“My son came up, totally unsolicited, and just told me that, wow, Dad, your hair looks like it’s getting thicker.  And I don’t think he knows I’m doing this.  I don’t think I mentioned it to him.  So, that was really — for that just to come out of the blue.” -Chuck Edger

“I was actually hoping that by the end of the entire six months that I would be where I’m at right now, so to be here at the end of three months is really, is really exciting.” -Chuck Edger

“I’ve been using it religiously, putting it on the in the morning and at night, and so you know, after seeing results like this, it just makes me that much more committed, because, really, I can’t believe there’s that much of a difference.” -Chuck Edger

Zack Daly is Growing Hair on His Crown

“I’m definitely self-conscious about it, is everyone looking at it, is everybody noticing it, were they talking about that, what are they whispering about, were they making fun of me, what can I do?  I can’t help it.  I’m 22.” -Zack Daly

“There is a little bit of growth at the crown, feeling very hopeful, and excited to keep using it! It is easy to use this and its just become a part of my routine.” -Zack Daly

“The crown is becoming full and there are more new hairs growing in that are really encouraging!  The top of my head before and now photos are night and day!  It is looking really good.  I will definitely recommend Scalp Med to a friend of mine.” -Zack Daly

Gustavo Chanampa Has New Hair Follicles

“It is completely obvious that all the follicles in the hair population are growing, and you can see how weak hair is getting stronger and more abundant.  So, it’s really amazing.” -Gustavo Chanampa

“It’s growing very consistently.  The follicles are getting stronger and I can see that there is more hair population in the scalp, so I’m really happy.” -Gustavo Chanampa


“Now I see I am doing something that shows progress on a monthly basis.  For sure I will keep using Scalp Med after I finished this 6 month test.  I absolutely would recommend Scalp Med to anyone who suffers from hair loss, no doubt about it.” -Gustavo Chanampa

Andrew Berkovich’s Disappearing Bald Spot

“I could see new hairs growing in that were pushing out the old hairs and all my hair follicles have hair in it now, as opposed to empty, empty little stems, so, I’m starting to see the growth, and I’m starting to see them more and more and more and, sooner or later, that bald spot’s gonna be gone.” -Andrew Berkovich

“Well, it’s been 90 days, and I saw like, I actually still have more hair growing in than–and the original ones are getting thicker.  So, I still have hair still growing in.  In 90 days, that’s kind of impressive.  It seems to be getting thicker, fuller.” -Andrew Berkovich

“My friends had started noticing the change and were asking what have I been doing.  Getting a hair cut wasn’t as big of an issue as it had been in the past and I was excited to see my hair was still growing.” -Andrew Berkovich